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Smart Scheduling in West Virginia 

Smart Scheduling for Home Automation

It’s not very uncommon to have fear of keeping the house unoccupied while you have to cater to those requirement of having a quality time with your family and loved ones, or for any other reason. Also, it’s very convenient to have someone take care of the insignificant yet crucial jobs at home we are all set to face yet another day in our everyday life. Well, you asked for it and we replied!

Presenting the Smart Scheduling solution for your smartly automated home at West Virginia. Create a personalized schedule to automate lights and thermostats according to your preferred time and day of the week, keeping your house comfortable and making it appear occupied when you’re away with smart scheduling provided by West Virginia Home Security.

Our smart scheduling services are available in Charleston, Hunnington, Beckley, Parkersburg and other areas of West Virginia. Call us at 304-316-6362 or contact us to get a free a quotation today.

The major features of our smart scheduling are:

  • Triggered Automation

    This allows your thermostat and lights adjust in response to other activities across your home. Have temperature change when you set your security system away, or entrance light turn on once the door is unlocked.

  • Intelligent Lighting WV Home Security’s Smart Schedules, patented by, make it easy to manage your lights so that no one will notice when you’re away. Set standard light schedules and have them automatically vary intervals by 30 minutes, so there’s no perceptible pattern. Or, have lights turn on at sunset every day.
  • Total Control On-the-Go With just one mobile app- WV Home Security’s Smart App, you can have control over all the home automation system as per your schedule. Adjust your thermostat on-the-go, turn schedules on or off, or change to home or away mode for extended savings.