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Access Control Systems in Dunbar & Charleston, WV

Access control systems by West Virginia Security is always the most advanced security solution for your business. Our access controls give you a reliable way to protect your commercial property, even when you are away.

Our access control system will give you complete, remote access of controlling who gets to enter your property. You can grant or deny entry from any location, any time, directly from the ease of your fingertips.

You can secure certain rooms containing sensitive information and restrict access to anyone except those you truly trust. No one besides them can wander in an area you have not permitted with our access control systems. If your home, commercial office, or business is located within our service area or in Huntington, Charleston, and Dunbar, then give West Virginia Security a call at 304-316-6362 for specialized access controls.

Protecting What Matters the Most to You

West Virginia Security has been providing security solutions for more than 20 years to corporate offices, data centers, tech giants, industrial facilities & more commercial sectors. We utilize security products manufactured by the leading brands in the industry like, Brinks, Qolsys, & more.

Together with security systems such as access controls, security cameras, motion detectors, glass break detectors, and smart locks, you can safeguard your precious possession to the right measure. Furthermore, built-in intelligence in our access control lets you know who is entering, and at what time, with instant notifications.

Additional types of access controls we offer include:

  • Continental Access
  • Biometric Reader
  • Retina Scan
  • Key Card Reader & more
Key card reader access control

24/7 Monitoring for Your Business in West Virginia

Employee theft is not expected from loyal people, but, it is not impossible. Suddenly one day, an important document might get missing or a company asset might vanish into thin air. Prevent such events from happening with quality access control systems that can monitor your property 24/7. Let us grant you more control over who gets to access specific areas of your commercial office or business.

West Virginia Security’s cutting-edge security systems for businesses & homes are available in Saint Albans, Victor, Dunbar, Charleston, & other nearby areas in West Virginia. Call us TODAY at 304-316-6362 or click here to schedule an appointment with our security specialists.

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Charleston, WV


After several break ins at their new location we installed commercial Security system with cellular technology. Remote app as well as opening/closing and failure to arm reports. Allows user to track employee arrivals/departures. We also installed a 4 channel POE stand alone camera system with audio and remote viewing. Instead of traveling to all locations end user is able to view activities and track daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports. Business management Business Services


South Charleston, WV


Installed commercial security system. Provided customer with opening and closing reports which allowed knowledge of daily arrivals and departures. Remote Management provides daily,weekly,monthly reports of all system operations, arming,disarming as well as fail to arm reports in one easy to use interface. cellular Technology


Milton, WV


We installed a remote set-up allowing them to monitor all locations with one app. We improved the quality of the current video monitoring system. They were also needing metrics to tracking opening, closing and any events that were happening at a location. I provided a tracking platform for their business. cellular technology allowed them to have opening/closing/failure to arm reports. We also upgraded all of their analog camera systems to 4k P.O.E   camera systems also allowing her to view all of her restaurants from a single app. 4K camera systems 


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