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Garage Door Openeres in West Virginia 

Moving in or out of garage could create a lot more hassle unless you are living in automated home with Smart Garage Door Openers in West Virginia area. With the Internet Gateway Smart Door Garage Opener added to your smartphone, you can now control the products including garage door openers, gate operators and lighting.

It’s very easy to add this exceptional piece of smart home equipment to most existing garage door systems. Now you can have an increased amount of control over your home, even from a remote location and make your home even smarter.

Garage Door Openersy

Let Siri Do the Talking 

  • Add smartphone control to your garage door.
  • Check the status or control your garage door, gates and lights from anywhere!
  • Receive real-time alerts and create schedules.
  • Know when family members or friends come and go.
  • Invite up to three people to control your smart garage door openers and lights from their own WV Home Security app and login info.
  • Open remotely for a friend, dog walker or repairman.
  • Never wonder again if the garage door was left open.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit.

Our garage door openeres services are available in Charleston, Hunnington, Beckley, Parkersburg and other areas of West Virginia. Call us at 304-316-6362 or contact us to get a free a quotation today

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