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Smart Lighting in West Virginia 

Smart Lighting by West Virginia Home Security

One of the common activities we forget to perform in our everyday life due to the hustle- bustle or during an emergency situation is to manage the lighting system of our home. Thanks to smart home automation services provided by WV Home Security. Our lighting system can be controlled with any mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The patented Z-wave Dimmable LED Standard Light Bulb is controllable. Again, this fully-dimmable, instant-on LED screw-in light bulb provides pleasant soft-white illumination equivalent to 750 lumens that is found in a 60-watt incandescent bulb, while ours one uses only 9 watts of energy. It offers great value and convenience with an estimated 22+ year lifespan (3 hrs/day avg.).

Features of Smart Lighting

  • Z-wave compatible, controllable and fully dimmable
  • No warm-up delay – instant-on -LED screw-in lightbulb
  • Pleasant soft-white illumination
  • Power equivalent to 60 watt light that consumes only uses 9 watts
  • Adjustable to 100 levels of brightness by turning the bulb on, off or using its dimming feature
  • Acts as a wireless repeater to extend the Z-Wave mesh network to cover a longer distance
  • No humming
  • Easily controllable through the WV Home Security app
  • Remotely operated lighting while home owner is away
  • Bulb Lifetime: 25,000 hours

Our smart lightining services are available in Charleston, Hunnington, Beckley, Parkersburg and other areas of West Virginia. Call us at 304-454-5055 or contact us to get a free a quotation today

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Adjust thermostats and selected lights from anywhere to remotely control your office's energy management, with the WV Home Security app on any mobile device.