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Job completed for Barnyard BBQ

Completion date: December 3, 2019

Location: Milton, WV

Why did the customer contact us?

Barnyard BBQ contacted us because they needed a new system at a better monthly rate.

Solutions provided:

We installed a remote set-up allowing them to monitor all locations with one app. We improved the quality of the current video monitoring system. They were also needing metrics to tracking opening, closing and any events that were happening at a location. I provided a tracking platform for their business. cellular technology allowed them to have opening/closing/failure to arm reports. We also upgraded all of their analog camera systems to 4k P.O.E   camera systems also allowing her to view all of her restaurants from a single app. 4K camera systems 

Team members on this project:

Bobby Jespersen

Photos & Videos:

Barnyard BBQ
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Barnyard BBQ